Through inquiring into the present moment.
Zen enriches your journey

Unlock Your Potential through Zen

Zen isn’t confined to sitting in silent meditation.

Applying its principles in your daily life creates a catalyst for discovering boundless creativity, freedom, and beauty.

As a Zen monk and Enricher, I’ll share this wisdom, enabling you to elevate your life and your business.

Join me to unleash Zen’s transformative power.

  • Exhibition: Shun Sodo — Eternal Moment

  • Being Helped Without Sacrificing Individual Artistry: Terakoya Radio Broadcast #1

  • Exhibition: Harold Ancart — Bird Time

Elevate Your Life
with Neo-Zen

Are you an already elite individual in pursuit of further growth and excellence?
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His Neo-Zen Teaching is the revelation you’ve been seeking, as his guidance will assist you in challenging the status quo and redefining your journey.

Experience a world where Zen transcends silent meditation, infusing every aspect of your life – your art, fashion, technology use, and personal philosophy.

This is your chance to unleash your highest potential, enrich your life, and contribute to a better world.

Toryo Ito invites you to embark on this transformative journey—will you seize the opportunity to elevate your life to new heights?

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