Toryo Ito, a native of Gion, Kyoto, immersed himself in the transformative training of the Kenninji Temple sect, specializing in a dojo that laid the foundation for his Zen journey. With a profound commitment to sharing the wisdom of Zen philosophy, he has touched the lives of over 150,000 individuals, positioning himself as a beacon of guidance in the realms of meditation.

Currently serving as the Vice Abbot of Ryosokuin, a captivating temple nestled within Kenninji, Toryo has dedicated himself to the global dissemination of Zen education.

Ryosokuin is an architectural canvas for various art events including the prestigious KYOTOGRAPHIE and stands as a testament to Toryo’s commitment to harmonizing tradition with the contemporary. Collaborations with international artists, exemplified by Harold Ancart’s exhibition in New York, reflect the seamless fusion of the ancient and the modern.

Zen philosophy, a wellspring of new possibilities in business and universal insights for personal growth, aims at attaining the state of impermanence and non-self. Toryo invites individuals to embrace life’s transient nature, detach from personal desires, and cultivate self-awareness through the key Zen practice of Zazen, fostering stillness and mindfulness.

Embark on a journey toward selflessness with Toryo, unlocking your sensitivity to a spectrum of information, technology, and possibilities. This is the path to genuine enrichment—an invitation to your personal journey of growth and transformation.


Virtual Ryosokuin

In the realm of the “Virtual Ryosokuin,” Toryo ventures beyond the conventional, exploring the intersection of the real and virtual in activities like the “Ryosokuin Multiverse Exhibition,” delving into the boundless possibilities of digital realms.

A Global Meditation Community “雲是UnXe”

As the architect of the Global Meditation Community “UnXe,” Toryo extends the reach of Zen beyond physical boundaries. Online zazen sessions, accessible worldwide, form a vibrant community experience, offering 45 minutes of guided meditation and discussions facilitated by a Zen Monk.

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Toryo further enhances accessibility to Zen teachings through the meditation app “InTrip” providing daily tips to seamlessly integrate Zen and mindfulness into daily life.


In collaboration with architect Joe Jun Liao, Toryo introduces the mobile tearoom “FUUUN,” an embodiment of Zen principles—Undefined, Unattached, and Unlimited—under his Zen supervision.